Do you find you are needlessly throwing away tubes of household items that are not entirely used up? Frustrated by the waste of money and time? Squeezing out the last bit of paste out of a tube can be an unwelcome, time-consuming endeavor, and nobody wants to let everyday items like toothpaste go to waste.

In todayís tough economy every cent counts. Tube Squeezer saves you time and money with every use. Plastic tubes are really difficult to fully empty. No matter how carefully you squeeze, grip, or roll a tube itís almost not possible to extract all the contents. Whether it is a tube of toothpaste, a cosmetic product or tubed food, tube squeezer makes sure it can be completely used up. Using the squeeze will save you up to 15% of any given product.


It saves you time and money.†

Easy to use;
Eliminates frustration.†
Eliminates waste.†
Keeps the used portion of the tube.†
Roll up neatly inside the dispenser.†
Can be used with many collapsible tube products.†
Available in seven fun colors: White, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, Pink and Red.

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