T-Dalat Coffee

T-Dalat Coffee

T-DaLat Cafe - Organic coffee brand ensures public health and safety with experience from the 1980s on cultivating a variety of coffees.

T-DaLat Cafe has many years of experience in cultivating high value coffee varieties at DaLat the Lam Dong province. We provide coffee beans and ground coffee products. You can safely use products produced by T-DaLat Cafe because we ensure the quality of pure coffee from the production process to the finished product; thus, achieving the highest quality of flavor and stability.

Our coffee farm uses organic farming methods and fertilizer microorganisms that do not use toxic chemical fertilizers. This improves and preserves the quality of the ecological agricultural and environment.

The land that T-DaLat Cafe is cultivated for non-polluted and cool climate suitable for growing specialty coffee trees located at an elevation above 1500m at the Lang Biang Plateau.

Currently, T-DaLat Cafe is developing, cultivating, and preserving a variety of rare and high quality coffee with distinct characteristics. We produce some of the best first class coffee varieties such as Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, Culi, Catimor, and Moka. Our specialty is Robusta coffee. It’s guaranteed to not be genetically modified and not new hybrid breeding thus ensuring the perfect taste.


T- Da Lat Cafe's product is consumed domestically and exported to fastidious markets such as Japan and Korea. We have earned the following awards/certifications:


· Health Department of Lam Dong Province

· Food safety and hygiene department: Issued a certificate of food safety compliance on August 18, 2015.

· CA Tech Analytical Center of DaLat City: Confirmed test results of coffee with quality standards and clean coffee.

· Top 50 Best Foodstuffs

· High Quality - Vietnam Top Food 2016 by Vietnam Union of Business Development Science and Consumers.

T-Da Lat Café Co., Ltd chose the slogan "Taste our unique coffee" to always assert that we produce unique coffee products originating from Da Lat.


The products of T-DaLat Coffee are certified clean and safe for public health containing no incense, not impregnated with chemicals, and no additives; just 100% pure raw coffee beans. To make the coffee flavor distinctive, T-Dalat coffee always focuses on natural processes limiting production on machinery while processing coarse coffee with beautiful fresh coffee beans. Our pure coffee is infatuated in the flavors and are mixed with each other producing the bitter and slightly sour taste while ending with a fatty and light sweet taste.

T-Dalat Cafe Co., Ltd specializes in supplying raw coffee in quantities per the customer needs, which is ideal for customers who want to roast their own coffee or produce finished products to satisfy their passion.


Every morning, wake up and start a new day with a cup of black coffee. Enjoy the bold taste full of aspiration while thinking about the future. T-DaLat Cafe is a true miracle!

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