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Stutzman Environmental Products manufactures and distributes quality pet products at retail and wholesale prices. The animal care products they supply are extremely absorbent, environmentally friendly, all natural, biodegradable, easy to dispose, and most of all promote animal wellbeing.

The main product lines of Stutzman Environmental Products include cat litter, animal bedding, horse stall bedding, and industrial absorbent. Their products are sold under the following brand names: Good Mews Cat Litter, Pet's Preference Critter Litter & Bedding, Crown Animal Bedding, and Fibre-Sorb Industrial Absorbent. They also manufacture 100% natural organic fertilizers with the brand names SUP'R Green Chicken Manure, Nutri-Rich 4-3-2, and Nutri-Rich 8-2-4.

The company website is pretty straightforward with easy-to-navigate pages with link.  Each product page provides information on the specific product offered, instructions of usage, and the available packaging.  Those who are interested to buy in bulk for wholesale may visit the website for further details.

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