Seedland Quality Grass Seeds at Wholesale Prices

Seedland is a company which provides quality turf grass seeds, products, grass seeds, and accessories for lawns, sports fields, and animal pastures.  The company is based in Florida and was established in 1999 to offer a variety of seeds and gardening products online.  Its company owners, founding officers, and stockholders have been actively involved in the Seed and Garden product industry for more than 50 uninterrupted years.

The wide array of products distributed by Seedland include supplies for garden and patio, lawn tools, lawn spreaders and fertilizers, grass plugs, feeders, and various seeds.  They also have a section for specialty products at wholesale prices for golf courses, highways, parks, and sport fields.

Customers may order through their secure online store, by phone, or fax. Payment methods accepted are major credit cards, money order, and purchase orders using registered accounts. For more details, on products and wholesaling opportunities, visit their website.

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