About Us


What is This Website?
This website “CLEVERWHOLESALE.COM” is a wholesale network initiative and its aiming to provide a free source of information about available wholesalers and other suppliers who are able to supply close to wholesale prices to prospective resellers.
The wholesale network has been actively indexing wholesalers since 1998 and has worked closely with a number of online entrepreneurs to provide product sourcing solutions for the start up entrepreneurs entering into e-commerce, especially online retailing.
This website is a powerful feature rich portal allowing maximum exposure for the wholesalers themselves as well providing a searchable database of wholesalers for those wishing to start sourcing wholesale goods for retail resale.
How many Wholesalers are there in the United States?
Our database fluctuates in size from time to time between 18,000 – 15,000 contacts.  It is virtually impossible to put an exact number of wholesalers available, however we can assure the visitors, that over time as we populate the directory, it will be the largest free wholesale information index available in USA.
How often are new wholesalers added to this directory?
We are working around the clock adding new wholesale contacts on a weekly basis. Due to the nature of this index, which is to focus on quality listings, the import is not done in bulk but rather one by one. We estimate between 70 and 100 listings to be going live each week until all 15,00 – 18,000 wholesale contacts are listed.
I’m a Wholesaler. How can this directory help me?
As with any business, marketing and exposure is the vital element to success. By listing your wholesale company with us, you will be exposing your products to thousands of new visitors each month.
Resellers and consumers looking for wholesale suppliers are able to find the right wholesalers for their business in one of our 250 categories. Our search function allows for resellers to search for wholesalers according to their location and categories.
This powerful new platform allows wholesalers to create fully featured profiles that may include price lists, product photographs, contact details as well as advanced promo functions.
If you are a new wholesaler and do not have a website, you may create and promote your profile entirely through CLEVERWHOLESALE.COM.

Featured Wholesale Suppliers

  • Perfume Depot

    400 S. Los Angeles Street, #115
    Los Angeles
    California 90013

    Perfume Depot is a wholesaler of a large variety

  • Perfume Deals

    900 Grand Blvd.
    Deer Park
    New York 11729

    Perfume Deals is wholesaler of perfume, cologne,

  • Scent Oils

    285 S. San Gabriel Blvd
    California 91107

    Scent Oils is a wholesaler of scented oils.

  • The Perfume Spot

    195 Campus Dr
    New Jersey 08837

    The Perfume Spot is a wholesaler of the best deals

  • CD Plus Dolphin Video

    7750 Park Blvd.
    Pinellas Park
    Florida 33781

    CD Plus Dolphin Video is a wholesaler and retailer