Mega Supply Store specializes in products and services for the construction and building development industry, including procurement, retail and whole

Mega Supply Store specializes in products and services for the construction and building development industry, including procurement, retail and whole

At MegaSupply, we strive to revolutionize conventional construction and design practices by connecting manufacturers of dynamic and sustainable materials with virtually all sectors of construction industry. An individual creative approach is applied to stylistic, functional and budgetary needs of your projects. Where before, such undertakings like planning low-income multihousing and construction of state-sponsored educational facilities were limited by tight budgets and non-existing margins, we have now developed an exceptionally efficient system that incorporates contemporary and realistic expectations of value, rigorous design research and uncompromising quality control. With a passion for aesthetic appeal and deep commitment to utility and dependability, we work tirelessly to ensure that your needs are met in their entirety: we promise to go the extra mile, to make that extra phone call to find or manufacture what you need and deliver it without delay.

Aside from staying on top of the game in business practices and customer service, we are working with top building construction and rehabilitation professionals to figure out new ways to evoke the peace and luxurious satisfaction in the end-consumer. MegaSupply continually invests in European and Asian trend research, safer and stronger hardware and materials with the intention to turn your creative ambitions into real measurable performance and impeccable reputation. Whether residential or commercial, from the most grandiose community initiatives to elemental renovation tasks, by attending to the finest details and utilizing proven principles of industrial technology and product design, we try to bring contentment to daily lives of all parties involved. Whether your expertise lies in green government contracts or ultra-chic masterpieces of urban red carpet hospitality, you will find the perfect fit in our broad assortment of products and materials. We value ingenuity and do the best we can to catalyze cutting-edge ideas that our children will call “progress”; we encourage our clients and suppliers to cultivate and expand their expertise in every aspect of design, construction, production and service. We seek to live in awareness, taking sincere pride in our work and nurturing passion for many areas of creative expression and human-centered design process.

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