A two partner service for purchasing or selling surplus inventory from commercial  or government inventory and Liquidity Services is the ultimate one stop shop for  retail and resell  companies country wide.

Buy by the pallet or the package clothing, electronics, housewares, industrial equipment, vehicles and much, much more. Search by condition if you prefer, they have salvage, shelf pulls, returns, refurbished, new and used items all available.

You can register for free, browse, bid and start saving money, joining more than one million registered buyers.  With over 500 product categories you can increase your profit margin no matter what your industry. is publicly traded on NASDAQ.

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Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Auto Security

Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Auto Care Products

Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Car Parts

Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Truck Parts

Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Motorcycle Parts

Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Auto Accessories

Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Auto Electronics

Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Auto Security

Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Auto Decoration Suppliers

Automotive Suppliers » Wholesale Car Audio

Baby Care » Baby Clothing

Baby Care » Wholesale Baby Transporters

Baby Care » Wholesale Baby Furniture

Baby Care » Wholesale Baby Toys

Baby Care » Wholesale Baby Sanitary Items

Cameras & Photographic » Camera Accessories

Cameras & Photographic » Wholesale Digital Cameras

Cameras & Photographic » Digital SLR Cameras

Cameras & Photographic » Darkroom Equipment

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Kids Clothing

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Lingerie & Underwear

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Men's Clothing

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Women's Clothing

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Formal Clothing

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Costumes and Fancy Dress

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Maternity Clothing

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Plus Size Clothing

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Sports Clothing

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Swimwear

Clothing & Apparel » Wholesale Work Wear

Clothing & Apparel » Ethnic Fashion Clothing Wholesalers

Computers & Laptops » Wholesale Desktop Computers

Computers & Laptops » Wholesale Laptop Computers

Computers & Laptops » Wholesale Tablet Computers

Computers & Laptops » Wholesale Networking and Communications

Computers & Laptops » Wholesale Computer Peripherals

Computers & Laptops » Wholesale Computer Parts

Computers & Laptops » Wholesale Computer Software

Computers & Laptops » Wholesale IT Services

Consumer Electronics » Home Video Products

Consumer Electronics » Home Audio Products

Consumer Electronics » Portable Audio Products

Consumer Electronics » Portable Video Products

Consumer Electronics » Gaming Consoles

Consumer Electronics » Wholesale Televisions

Fashion Accessories » Wholesale Hand Bags

Fashion Accessories » Wholesale Belts

Fashion Accessories » Wholesale Hats & Headwear

Fashion Accessories » Wholesale Sunglasses

Fashion Accessories » Wholesale Ties

Fashion Accessories » Wholesale Umbrellas

Food Industry » Wholesale Food Preparation Equipment

Furniture » Wholesale Bedroom Furniture

Furniture » Wholesale Dining Room Furniture

Furniture » Wholesale Outdoor Furniture

Furniture » Wholesale Office Furniture

Garden Supplies » Wholesale Garden Tools

Giftware » Wholesale Birthday Gifts

Giftware » Wholesale Christmas Gifts

Giftware » Wholesale Collectable Gifts

Giftware » Wholesale Executive Gifts

Giftware » Wholesale Gift Baskets

Giftware » Wholesale Kids Gifts

Giftware » Wholesale Licensed Gifts

Giftware » Wholesale Gifts For Women

Giftware » Wholesale Gift Wrapping Supplies

Glassware » Wholesale Decorative Glassware

Glassware » Wholesale Kitchen Glassware

Homewares » Wholesale Bathroomware

Homewares » Wholesale Kitchenware

Homewares » Wholesale Home D├ęcor Supplies

Homewares » Wholesale Blinds & Shutters

Homewares » Wholesale Cleaning Products

Homewares » Wholesale Storage Containers

Homewares » Wholesale Carpet & Tiles

Homewares » Wholesale General Homewares

Jewellery » Wholesale Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery » Wholesale Evening Jewellery

Jewellery » Wholesale Tribal Jewellery

Jewellery » Wholesale Men's Jewellery

Lamps & Lighting » Wholesale Decorative Lamps

Lamps & Lighting » Wholesale Dj Lighting

Lamps & Lighting » Wholesale Office Lighting

Leather & Luggage » Wholesale Luggage

Leather & Luggage » Wholesale Leather Goods

Leisure & Sporting » Wholesale Yoga Equipment

Leisure & Sporting » Wholesale Massage Therapy Equipment

Leisure & Sporting » Wholesale Fitness Accessories

Leisure & Sporting » Wholesale Fitness Equipment

Leisure & Sporting » Wholesale Commercial Fitness Equipment

Leisure & Sporting » Wholesale Boxing Equipment

Leisure & Sporting » Wholesale Sporting Equipment

Leisure & Sporting » Wholesale Ball Sports Equipment

Linen & Textiles » Wholesale Linen

Linen & Textiles » Wholesale Textiles

Office Supplies » Wholesale Printing Supplies

Office Supplies » Wholesale Office Stationery

Outdoor & Camping » Wholesale Marine Supplies

Outdoor & Camping » Wholesale Camping Supplies

Outdoor & Camping » Wholesale Fishing Supplies

Outdoor & Camping » Wholesale Survival Gear

Shoes and Footwear » Wholesale Fashion Shoes

Shoes and Footwear » Wholesale Sports Shoes

Shoes and Footwear » Wholesale Men's Dress Shoes

Shoes and Footwear » Wholesale Women's Dress Shoes

Shoes and Footwear » Wholesale Kids Shoes

Shoes and Footwear » Wholesale Thongs & Sandals

Shoes and Footwear » Wholesale Slippers & Ugg Boots

Tools & Hardware » Wholesale Power Tools

Tools & Hardware » Wholesale Non Powered Tools

Tools & Hardware » Wholesale Other Hardware

Toys and Games » Wholesale Electronic Toys

Toys and Games » Wholesale Remote Control Toys

Toys and Games » Wholesale Hobby Supplies

Toys and Games » Wholesale Soft Toys

Watches & Clocks » Wholesale Men's Watches

Watches & Clocks » Wholesale Women's Watches

Watches & Clocks » Wholesale Clocks

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