Kutztown Bottling Works

Kutztown Bottling Works

Beginning i 1851 by bottling spring water and adding beer to the product line in 1890 Kutztown Bottling Works is one of the oldest consistantly operating businesses in Kutztown. From 1920 until 1933 the focus remeained on soft drinks and water, then prohobition ended and the company expanded again into the beer industry.

Their popular soft drink lines sustained them through prohobition and the 16 flaors are still popular, but it is the multitude of microbreweries throughout the PA area theat ensure availability to their consumers via the Bottling Works that truly flourish. Custom labeling and online sales give the microbreweries a customer base they may not otherwise have access to.

Sop online or give them a visit, or bring your products to them to prepare for sale, either end of their customer service is and always has been impecible.

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