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HomeoCare is an American natural medicines wholesaler based in Yonkers in the state of New York.  Since 1995, the company has been in the business of creating homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is the medical system that entails the intake of micro-doses to help cure a disease or symptom.

Some of the wholesale products that HomeoCare has to offer are Cholestop, Tinnitus Relief, Blatrol Bladder Relief, Acid Reflux Relief, Arthritis Relief, EZ-Slim, PMS Relief, Muscular Pain Relief, Arnica Relief Topical Ointment, Carpal Tunnel Relief, Leg Cramps Relief, Skin Klear Acne Relief, Vigofem for Women, Sore Throat Relief and many more. Most of the products also come in packs of 4.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, or would like to place a wholesale order for your clinic, you may contact HomeoCare with your quote requests, product inquiries, orders and other concerns via phone, fax, email or by regular post. 

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