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Ebay Merchandise


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Ebay Merchandise is an American wholesale portal offering various goods and supplies to Ebay sellers.  The company sells products by the truckload, lot or pallet and even gives further discounts if you show a quote from other brokers and suppliers offering the same products at a different rate. The company is not, in any way, affiliated to eBay. They simply supply products to eBay sellers or those who wish to start a business on eBay.

Some of the wholesale products that Ebay Merchandise has to offer are used clothing, tools, furniture, toys, home improvement products, soft goods, cosmetics, electronics, sporting goods, diapers, microwaves and vacuum cleaners, intimate apparel, shoes, shower curtains, baby items, fashion accessories, hardware, office furniture and supplies, handbags, jewelry, and many more.

If you are interested in putting up an online store and would like to place a wholesale order for your first products, or already have an online store and need supplies, you may contact Ebay Merchandise with your product inquiries, quote requests and any other concern via phone or email. 

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