Cartanna Horticultural Products

Cartanna Horticultural Products


Cartanna Horticultural Products at Wholesale Prices

Cartanna International Sales Inc. is a wholesale supplier of horticultural lawn and garden products.  Being in business for more than 30 years, Cartanna takes pride in their quality products, innovations, and outstanding services offered to the local nurseries, garden centers, and horticultural establishments. Based in North America, the company is the largest manufacturer of horticultural cedar baskets and planters, with the ability to deliver products with consistent high quality. 

Cartanna horticultural products are categorized into several sections: Cedar Baskets/ Planters, Oak Wine Barrels, Supamoss, Table/ Chair Planters, and Wooden Planter Barrels.  All these products are manufactured and exclusively distributed by Cartanna. These very attractive and unique pieces are great additions to any lawn or garden.  Minimum wholesale order is $500.  An order form is available to be filled out by customers on the website.  Dealers are welcome to take advantage of their low price offers. 

For additional details, visit their website.

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