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BuyerZone is an online business service that networks buyers and sellers by providing the best methods and systems that will benefit both the buying and selling industry.  Established in 1992 by Mie-Yun Lee, BuyerZone has been continuously meeting the needs of buyers and providing lead generation and marketing programs to sellers online.  Now, the company has more than 3 million registered users, more than 150 products and services, 8,500+ sellers, 7 million+ leads.

BuyerZone provides free buying advice services to help buyers and wholesalers reach educated purchasing decisions.  For sellers, the company provides Lead Generation services to help get the best sales leads needed in the most affordable and customizable programs complete with the necessary lead generation tools and resources to generate more sales.  They also provide Marketing Services for companies with products to sell. With their team of demand generation experts, businesses with benefit from the holistic approach to fulfill demand generation needs.

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